Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Trade In of the Week

Hey Everyone and welcome to another Trade In of the Week segment here on the San Diego BMW Motorcycles blog. Today's subject is a near PERFECT condition ABS model G650 Cross Challenge. Despite most people asking me to blog up the Ural sidehack we just had traded in I could not resist showcasing the G650X/Ch because well, I OWN one of these and simply can't say enough good things about it.

The G650X/Ch was, until recent unveiling of the BMW G450X, simply the BEST dual sport motorcycle ever built. You can do all things dual sport with these bikes. Bulletproof and proven Rotax designed 650cc single cylinder engine. Electric start and fuel injection for easy reboots after tipping over in the desert. BMW's touted air shock in the rear and Marzocchi inverted front forks up front. These bikes will do it all. They climb better than any other 650 on the market and better than a lot of 450's for that matter. Enjoy riding out to your favorite trails? No problem this bike will go 70MPH all day on the pavement (or dirt if you're brave enough). Hard luggage available, rally style fairing available, additional 5 gallon fuel tank available you can farkle these bikes into full on adventure tourers or leave em naked for the more technical stuff. First BMW to ever complete the Big Bear Trail Run? Absolutely!

A few specifics:
- 1,097 Original Miles
- Excellent Condition
- 600 Mile Service Completed
- BMW Factory Warranty until Oct 20, 2012
- ABS - Push Button On/Off
- Leo Vince slip on exhaust with approved spark arrestor (stock pipe also included)

Sean show off action shot (don't worry this is on my personal G650X/Ch):

Thanks for reading
-Sean DeAngelis

New Employee Alert!

Hey everyone and welcome to another exciting addition to the San Diego BMW motorcycles blog.
Today we welcome YET ANOTHER new member to our team here at the shop. With growth comes expansion and with demand comes supply. Our stellar service department has found themselves a bit short handed at the service counter with the spring season coming in fast. Add in the fact that our sales department is sending new BMW motorcycle owners out the door faster than Apolo Ohno shredding laps on his skates (sorry....obligatory Olympics mention) and you got a genuine need for more staffing. Gary and Mike began weighing their options calculating just what kind of employee would continue our tradition of success and customer satisfaction. The answer? Another Sean DeAngelis OF COURSE! But with congress slow to approve any cloning techniques and Your's Truly not fathering any offspring in the immediate future we had to get a little creative. Without further adieu, all the way from warm tropical Cleveland Ohio, I present you the NEWEST addition to the San Diego BMW Motorcycles team:

My father, Domenico "Tony" DeAngelis

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen not since Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid has a more dynamic duo lead the charge! "What's it like working side by side with my father?" you ask. Epic! Just read some of these reactions by our staff:

- "Hey Sean, we've decided to start calling you Tony 2.0"
- "Wow, you're Dad is MUCH taller than you are."
- "So Sean, you're the oldest child? Like, the R & D phase of having kids?"
- "Does he break a lot of demo bikes too?"
- "Your father has less gray hair than you do?!?!?!?!"

Quick shot of Papa De being welcomed aboard by service manager Mark Pohlson:

Thanks for reading
-Sean DeAngelis

Friday, March 12, 2010

I met Sean from SD BMW Motorcycles at Corral Canyon this morning. I was looking forward to breaking my "mud" duck and it was drizzling hard but not really raining. That would change.

So we unloaded the bikes, my '96 XR400R and Sean's 2010 BMW G450X.

Old school and new school:

Then Sean realized he, um, forgot something so he had to head back. I decided to ride a loop while I was waiting for Sean to come back. Did Trail One to Trail Two. I had never ridden in the mud and just could NOT get the hang of it. I felt totally lost and out of control. I've also had a problem with my wrists and hands recently and by the time I got to the campground I could hardly hold the bars so I took the road back and loaded the XR into the truck.

It was wet and muddy out there:

Sean rolled up right then so we had a quick chat. Now Sean's from Ohio (right?) and loves to ride in mud. So he said to me, "Are you keeping your elbows up? Let your chest and shoulders do the work. Are you just letting the bike move below you? Just ride it like it's deep sand." He convinced me so we unloaded the XR again and went off.

We mistakenly ended up on Trail 8 (I think) in a big granite garden when was really techinical, especially in the rain. It was tough, for me, and we got to a point where we had to turn around. After that, we played on Trail 1 and rode it back to four corners.

Sean did a couple awesome wheelies which I couldn't get the damn picture:

Then we switched bikes and I led us through Trail 1 and the plan was to go over to Trail 2. Except I screwed up and we ended up in yet another granite garden. Eventually we made it back to Trail 2 and slipped and slid our way around.

The review: I only got to ride it in the mud BUT, the G450X is an awesome bike! It is soooooo easy to ride. The thing that most amazed me was how well it handled, it was literally a "point and shoot." The ergos were pretty good too, although my big Yeti ass would like some bar risers and wider pegs. I cannot emphasize enough how well behaved and easy this bike is to ride. I'm still relatively inexperienced in the dirt and a bike that gives me confidence is the ticket. I've ridden KTM 530's, 300s, CRF450x, etc. This bike is far and away the easiest to ride and most FUN bike I've ever ridden.

The only complaint I have was that it didn't have a ton of low end grunt. It got the job done but when your last two bikes have been an XR650R and an XR400R you develop a style of riding that uses low revs and grunt. I had to adapt my riding style to it but it's a testament to the G450X that I was able to do so as easily as I did.

So here's the end result of the day:

As we were getting ready to head home it started snowing!!! Big huge soft flakes. I forced the flash on the camera to catch the flakes for ya:

So a big huge thank you to Sean for teaching me how to ride in mud and letting me play with the G450X.

A great day!!
-Scott Barber

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The 2010 Wildcat Canyon Ride!!!

Hey Everyone,
Just a reminder that this years Wildcat Canyon ride leaves Giovanni's parking lot (9353 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard) at 9AM Sunday morning April 11th. Every year the BMW Owners Club San Diego and dozens of our best friends escort John "King of the Alps" Hermann from Giovanni's through Wildcat Canyon, down Old Julian Highway, over Mesa Grande (after a stop at Santa Ysabel) and up to Mothers Cafe atop Mount Palomar. Follow up all those great roads with a MASSIVE feast at San Diego BMW Motorcycles after the ride and you've got an epic Sunday ride.
So be sure to come on out for the 2010 Wildcat Canyon ride and earn your 1st, 2nd or even 26th escort certificate from the King himself! If nothing else, you'll leave our dealership fat and happy having stuffed your belly with yummy goodness....and all on Gary Orr's dime!!!!

-Sean DeAngelis

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meet The 2010 BMW Rally 3 Suit!

Hey Everyone and welcome to another exciting addition to the San Diego BMW Motorcycles blog. Today we're proud to announce the arrival of the 2010 BMW Rally 3 suit. Deigned for both on and off road use the Rally line of BMW apparel has long been the industry standard in high end four season functionality. For 2010 a specific change to the waterproof inner liners of the jacket and pants is to be noted. While previous models of this suit have used Gore-Tex brand thermal / waterproof elements this new suit uses BMW's very own C.A.R.E climate membranes. This ultra high tech material allows the inner layer to provide a breathable (when warm) yet waterproof layer between the rider and the elements. However, when temperatures drop the sophisticated C.A.R.E. material reacts but contracting and closing the pores that would otherwise allow air to flow through. BMW pioneered this functional material in it's highly successful Comfortshell suit in 2009.

The Rally 3 suit comes equipped with adjustable and removable NP protectors in the shoulders, elbows, back, hips and knees. The NP technology protectors are the absolute most impact absorbant protectors available on the market today. Also retained from the Rallye 2 suit are the removable sleeves allowing a rider to take a short walk around while still able to conveniently carry some necessities in the multitude of pockets on the vest. This brings me to my next and possible favorite part of the new Rally 3 suit...

The chest and lower torso pockets have been angled in along the tops for ease of reaching in for items stowed inside. In 2003 while serving in the United States Marine Corps the Commandant and Washington authorized a new Utility (camoflag) uniform that integrated angled pockets in the same places. The newer designed pockets are FAR easier to use and access especially when in a hurry. I was immediately impressed with the revised design and amazed at how such a simple change could make a very impressive garment even better. Kudos to BMW for realizing the advantages and making this change.

The Rallye 3 pants have retained the leather inserts along the inner side of the knees allowing the rider a sure grip on the tank while weighting pegs or hanging off a bit. Kevlar stretch zones above the knees and pelvis combined with stretch material on the lower legs, provide incredible freedom of movement.

Air flow is still handled by removal zippers at the front of the sleeves, the sides around the waist and on the upper legs. Additional ventilation provided by vent surfaces on the chest opening and closing with hook-and-loop fasteners and two generous exit vents at the back.

The new Rallye 3 boots are completely designed from earlier models. Finally, the buckles are located entirely on the outside of the calf eliminating the possibility of hanging a strap up on a footpeg. Considerably more "motocross" in design the boots still offer the most walkable sole and ankle articulation of any off road boot on the market. The inner sole is now made of elastic and neoprene and the laces that existed on the previous versions have been done away with completely. An intermediate sole with steel spring integrated prevent crushing or hyperextension injuries to the ankles or feet.

And finally the Rally 3 gloves. The "superfabric" used for 2010 brings together the protection of leather with the comfort and function of high tech textiles. "The bone shell made of hard plastic and featuring special ventilation holes interacting with 5 millimeters thick Suprotec® protector foam serves to enhance the riders level of safety. The rider’s fingers are protected by light foam at the top, his finger hands by stretched leather zones. While the complete upper hand is padded, the inner hand remains unpadded for better grip and feeling even under the most demanding off-road riding conditions. The kangaroo leather on the inner hand is resistant to sweat and is extra-strong for enhanced safety both on and off the road. The fingertips come with double layers and are printed with silicon."

The new Rally 3 retails as follows:
Jacket $799.00
Pants $549.00
Boots $399.00
Gloves $89.00

Thanks for reading
-Sean DeAngelis

Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's Raining, I'm going Riding

It just started raining outside. It's supposed to rain for the next 48 hours here in San Diego County. SO, I'm going riding. A little insight to my madness:

I'm going dual sport riding at Corral Canyon. Having grown up in Northeast Ohio I'm no stranger to mud and slippery conditions. Having lived in San Diego for the last 10 years I cannot remember a single winter that offered so many opportunities to ride in any condition short of dry and dry. Sadly, I cannot remember a winter that required so much overtime here at the shop! But tomorrow, I have no plans and I'm taking our Demo G450X and my G650X/Ch to Corral Canyou OHV area to put in some time and let YOU the BMW enthusiast take a few laps on the G450X. I'll have demo forms on hand all you need to bring is a valid California motorcycle license and a credit card! I expect to arrive just before noon so any time between 12 and 3 feel free to stop by the truck and shred a few miles on the new greatest dual sport bike man has ever created: