Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hello race fans!

I, Tony DeAngelis, legendary racer, employee extraordinaire and all around decent model American citizen, am stepping up to the plate to bring you fresh news and personal info of the mighty Gary Orr 2011 AMA Superbike racing season!!!!!!

The shop is in full throttle prep for the upcoming ROUND 1 , MARCH 10-12, DAYTONA 200 at DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY, Daytona Beach, FL. The full schedule is available at

Gary's ride is coming together after a right side road rashing thrashing of his awesome S1000RR at Vegas WERA event back in late January. The race trailer is almost finished with a few improvements for the trip, and Gary is almost completely finished with the rigorous physical training preparation (Gary:"Man, I am not gonna drink beer anymore") and mental prep ( Gary:"Dude, I am really phsyched for Daytona") and strict budgetary commitments(Gary: "I knew I was getting ripped off on those trailer lights but I said *uck it").

So there you have it. Our aging superhero is throwing all caution to the wind, committing to selfless acts of rigorous commitment,preparation, meeting strict budgetary and corporate compliance. All in an attempt to bring home a winning season, not for himself, but for YOU: customers, fans, friends, family and employees!

Why not take a moment and reflect the gratitude this man deserves and drop him a line wishing him GOOD LUCK on a winning 2011 AMA racing season!

Tony DeAngelis

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guess who's back!

Back again! Just when you thought you were gonna miss all of Sean DeAngelis' entertaining writings, I, Senior DeAngelis, also known as: Pappa D. , P Diddy, P Dizzle, PD, rapper D Domenico, have decided to step up to the plate! It's like having Sean Deangelis back, but only a older, slower, obsolete version, you know, like Windows 98.

Racing result from Qualcomm Supermoto racing 2-13-2011: With the help and support of principal Gary Orr, I was lucky enough to pull together a ride for this Sunday race on Gary's personal pet project, the awesome G450X custom one-off modified for racing, BMW motorcycle! Gary spent fall and winter dialing in this very special bike transforming it from a street legal full on dirt bike to a AWESOME Supermoto weapon. (We happen to have 1 more for sale and the parts formula for conversion) So I, Tony D., went racing. I had never raced Supermoto before, or really ever ridden one for that matter. I did enjoy motocrossing back in Ohio up until 2004 when a bad landing reduced my right shoulder into rubble. After that I hung up motocross racing and focused more on my drinking and cigar smoking.
So off I went! Gary's ride. New Helmet (thanks to the boys in parts dept.). Don't need no stinkin' 1 piece full leather, Rally Pro 2 works just fine.
Took first in street tires class, fifth in slick class, on street tires.
So I'm back! The bug has bitten! I secured a ride for the season and will be running mostly the Qualcomm stadium racing events, the next one is scheduled for Sunday March 13 2011 , the racing is mixed with Go Kart racers all day (boring), the Main Supermoto is usually in the 3-4 o'clock hour and that's when the serious action happens so always feel free to swing on by and show some BMW support!
Peace and Love, Tony D.