Friday, November 20, 2009

You Meet The Nicest People in Tazmania

It's funny how the motorcycling world fits together. In December 2005 Kit and I were touring Tazmania, the island below Australia, with our friends Lin and Prue when we encountered this gal on her way back over to mainland Australia to sell the R100RT she was riding. Her name was Margaret Peart a.k.a. Beemerbird and she told us she was planning a trip to the states and I said look us up when you pass through. Sure enough Margaret has stayed with us 4 times how on her travels in the Americas.

Her website is Riding to Extremes and there are some upcoming updates on her travels the length of North and South America. Most recently she was a finisher in the storied Iron Butt, the big one, the real deal.

Kit and I so enjoy Margaret's company. Any woman who not only rides by herself, but from the extemes of the world, has an interesting outlook. She makes us not only want to explore the world more ourselves, but just as importantly guests on the road really make you appreciate the home cooked meals and normally mundane household routines, like going to Costco or tending the garden.

Margaret and her mighty Iron Butt R1200GS are on thier way back to Australia next week to prepare for her next extreme adventure, the top of Norway to the tip of South Africa. And coincidentally we might get hooked up next year in Europe as Kit and I plan on a late June early July European trip agian with our Australian friends Lin and Prue finishing up at the BMW Rally in Garmisch.

All packed and ready for transport home to Australia her GS has quite a load, in fact it has a mailbox so it may even have it's own ZIP code. As John Hermann says, 'till we meet again in the Alps.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hey, It's for Charity Right?

Hey everyone and welcome to another exciting San Diego BMW Motorcycles blog update. Today's post is a recap of an event that Rob Danner and I took part in over the weekend. Saturday morning to be exact. A friend of a friend had put together a benefit for Toys For Tots. The objective: Run two miles as fast as you can. Eat one dozen Krispy Kreme glaze donuts. Then run another two miles to the finish line. The following is this participants account of that mornings activities:

-7:15am. Rob and I are stretching in preparation for the start. Carefully eyeing the competition, making mental notes of waist lines. A taller gentleman to my left looks like he might be a problem. He's wearing a $200 pair of Puma running shoes and looks hungry...real hungry. We're gonna need to get out to a big lead early in the run because I can tell by the look in this mans eyes he can crush the 12 donuts NO problem.

-7:30 am. The starter says "Go" and the run is on. I start out at a pretty good clip which settles me comfortably in 7th place. Rob is a few runners back. I'm running faster than my marathon pace and feeling more winded because of it. It's been 4 loooong years since Sergeant DeAngelis was running 3 mile PFT's for time and score....It shows. Last night's 3 Dewers on the rocks and that cigar are flashing through my mind. Nonetheless I clip off 6th and 5th place runners by the close of the first mile. The first 3 participants are long gone....ultra runners: can't beat em, can't join em (that means you Bill Siebold).

-7:14am. I cross the halfway line and make my way over to the "Consumption Station" (huge table stacked with Krispy Kreme donut boxes). I recall Tedd and Rob, while talking me into this idiotic event, explaining how light and airy KK's donuts are and that "One Krispy Kreme donut is like eating glazed air." As I'm handed my box with a big number "8" markered on the lid I realize that no....this box of 12 donuts feels every bit as heavy as any other box of 12 donuts I've ever carried. As I slip open the lid I'm confronted with 12 average sized donuts COVERED in glaze. I have NEVER seen this much glaze on donuts. These little suckers must be 400 calories a piece! Hey, it's for charity right? Aggravated, I sit down on the ground with 2 cups of water, remove the first donut from my box and begin.

The first bite is poison. The preceding two mile sprint has dropped my blood sugar level. Now, as though giving my metabolism the adventure salute, I'm taking a bite of this hellish pastry. My face contorts into that familiar "I just did a double shot of grocery store tequila" shape and I frantically reach for the water. The H2O chaser helps slightly. Hey, it's for charity right? About this time Rob sits down next to me with his box of Mc Yucky, opens it and:

Rob: "Dude....that's a lot of glazing"
Me: "Yeah, I see that. Light n airy. Jerk"
Rob: "No really, I worked at a Krispy Kreme back in high school...we didn't make em like this"
Me: "Really? Probably a health issue. You're still a jerk."
Rob: "How many have you eaten?"
Me: "THIS, my friend" holding up the remaining half donut "is my first one. You actually think you can eat 12 of these crap cakes?"
Rob: "Gotta bro...or get DQ'd"

Rob picks up one of his Mc Yuckys and jams the entire thing in his mouth. The other hand reaches for the water and in one smooth motion he chases the donut with a water shooter. He lets out a grunt, clears his throat and goes in for a second donut. His wife, Melanie makes her way over with another cup of water. I'm calling him an idiot between dry-heaves, still eyeing what remains of my first donut.

Another minute passes and now the runners are coming in rapid like. Each one grabbing his or her box of Krappy Kreme and going to work. I'm staring down number 3 with contempt. Suddenly a cheer erupts from the crowd and I see the lead guy (Tracy) dash off. HE'S FINISHED! Tracy runs 100 mile ultra marathons in the mountains, is probably 45 years old and SOMEHOW just powered down 12 of these god awful things. And NOW, as if that all wasn't enough, he's in a dead sprint down the course.

Rob lets out another grunt and to my horror as I turn back his direction I see that he only has 3 of his hell-bagels left. My temper flares. I reach down, grab my water, shove the remainder of my 2nd donut in my face, chew, swallow, chase.

Rob: "There you go Sean. Give em hell."
Me: "I'm about to hit you. These are the nastiest things I've ever eaten."
Rob: "They're not that bad. Just don't focus on the taste."
Me: "Rob, we've know each other a long time..but really, I'm gonna hit you if you say another word about these donuts."
Rob: "Does 'This is my last one' count as talking about the donuts?"

AHHH! I stand up, grab my box of fried, glazed yuck and head for the trash can toss it in and walk straight over to the scoring table. I let the man with the clipboard know that I'm disqualified fall in pace next to Rob as he sets off on the second 2 mile loop.

Rob: "Dude. I feel bad."
Me: "Really, that's surprising, it was only 12 light and airy, delicious, heavily glazed Krispy Kreme donuts.
Rob: "DON'T talk about them." he burps "Oh god...they're fighting me."
Me: "Easy Rob...go easy man."

I feel like I'm talking down a hostage situation now. Me versus Rob's gigantic stomach. I look back and can see other runners departing the consumption station. They look like hungover high schoolers doing the panic exodus from some unsuspecting parents home the morning after a kegger. Somehow, Rob is managing a pretty good pace despite the gluttony. We continue the remainder of the run and upon finishing Rob is declared 7th place.

In retrospect, all the toys we collected (the entry fee was one new, unwrapped toy and $7 to cover the dirty dozen) went to Toys for Tots San Diego chapter so I can't be completely bummed. But in the future I'm gonna recommend Keith substitute taco's or egg nog or hard boiled eggs or ANYTHING but those double original glazed Krispy Kreme roundies.

Friday, November 13, 2009

300,000 Mile Gentleman - Henri Warren Sr.

Congratulations to Henri Warren Sr. on his 300,000 miles plaque and badge from BMW Motorrad USA. I was feelin' pretty good about 100,000 miles myself, but I'll have to up my annual pace to catch Henri. Couldn't happen to a nicer fella', a real gentleman. Catch up to Henri on his 75th birthday present to himself, an R1200R.

Mike Lynch

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Trade In of the Week - Italian Moto Hooligan

Hey Everyone and welcome to this weeks "Trade In of the Week" segment here on the SDBMWMC blog. Today's bike is a 2003 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport. If you've never heard one of these engines run it's worth the trip down here just to turn the key and wrap the throttle open a few times. Sort of a cross between that 340 Cuda your neighbor had growing up and a dry clutch desmo. Whatever the description of the operational audio the visual is all Italian Hooligan at it's absolute finest.

Guzzi annodized all the aluminum frame members on these bikes which adds a nice touch to the otherwise raw rigid members. The paint is a maroon that I can assure you has NEVER graced the fairings to another motorcycle. There is a carbon fiber front clip which I'm not typically a fan of but in this RARE instance it was done correctly. Just enough of the gray-n-black weave to set off the cafe style headlight (round, chrome...the way it should be). The clip-ons are swept back also in keeping with the cafe ergo's but not so much as to give you that Triumph feel.

Come on by the shop this weekend (swap meet Saturday!) and have a look, listen or even ride this beauty. Thanks for reading as always.
-Sean DeAngelis

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hammer of Thor Gets a Facelift

Race bike. Race bike. Race bike. Gary's race bike looks a whole lot cooler as of this morning. Combine the new aesthetics with a mods he had done to engine and we've got a serious contender here. The pictures really don't do the bike justice so you probably should just come on down here and see it in person. Coffee is fresh and there are still a few donuts left! Unfortunately I'm told the manikin is the only one allowed to sit on it. Well....the actual verbiage was "SEAN! You, you specifically, are not allowed to sit on it."

Thanks for reading
-Sean DeAngelis

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mike Lynch. A 100,000 Mile Man

Hey Everyone and welcome to another San Diego BMW Motorcycles blog update. Today's post comes in the form of a HUGE congratulations to our sales manager Mike Lynch for getting his 100,000 mile award from BMW Motorrad. Mike put 92,000 of those miles on old Zelda The Green Hornet (R1100RT), the remainder of them on his 2008 R1200RT. Here is Mike accepting his accolade from the bossman:
It would appear the while 100,000 miles might make you a rather savvy motorcycle rider it does NOT guarantee a savvy sense of dress. Hey Mike, the 1980's are on the phone and want that shirt back.

So when you stop by the shop this weekend (You are stopping by the shop this weekend...Aren't you?) be sure to congratulate big Mike in his technicolor dreamcoat for hitting the "ton" mark.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thursday Trade In of the Week-SOLD!!!

Hey Everyone and welcome to another Thursday edition of Thursday's Trade In of the Week. This weeks ripper is a mint condition 2003 Ducati ST4S. The ST4S is Ducati's distance friendly version their popular and stunningly beautiful 4 valve per cylinder 996. The bike marked a new level of performance to be expected out of a day to day sport-tourer and commuter. It's 996cc V Twin, liquid cooled powerplant produces 117 horsepower and 72 foot pounds of torque. Motorcyclist online raves: "This ferocious, quick-revving motor is an adrenaline factory on fast, open roads, pulling with authority well into double-digit revs." Our trade comes loaded with:
  • 10,365 Original Miles
  • Outstanding Condition
  • Ohlins Suspension
  • Factory Cases
  • All Available Carbon Fiber Trim Pieces
  • Italian Style and Thunder

For $7505.00 you can have one of the best all around sport and touring machines Ducati has ever produced. And while we can't say this bike is as much fun as say......a's sure to put a smile on your face mile after mile for a few less dollars.