Friday, April 30, 2010

Bill Edwards: 100,000 Mile Man!

Today we congratulate Bill Edwards for achieving 100,000 miles on BMW Motorcycles. Bill has owned a LOT of BMW motorcycles. I'm browsing through his service history and I see an F650CS, an R1200C, an F800ST, an R1100R and his current ride a K1300S. Bill has been road captain of the BMW Owners Club of San Diego and is an active participant in the Romeo's riding club (the ladder of those 2 doesn't so much rack up the miles as they do the calories).

Congratulations Bill reaching 100,000 miles and probably spending a LOT of money on tires here at San Diego BMW Motorcycles.

Meet Geoff King, The Best Loser

Hey Everyone,
I want to introduce you all to Geoff King. You've probably seen Geoff working the parts counter here at San Diego BMW Motorcycles. He's been working in motorcycle parts and accessories for over 20 years, has owned more than 30 motorcycles and is an accomplished WSMC racer in the late 1990's. He's racked up miles on motorcycles of every make and style around California and beyond. He's been president of the Red Hot Riders Honda Motorcycle Club. Point is Geoff has accomplished a LOT. Geoff has excelled at nearly ALL things motorcycle. I say "nearly" all things because as it turns out Geoff fails HARD at rally's.

Last weekend San Diego BMW Motorcycles in cooperation with San Diego Adventure Riders put on the 4th annual Lo-Cal 250 San Diego county rally. Geoff requested the time off to ride the event months ago so we arranged for him to ride the demo R1200GS. Geoff knows just about every road in the county and I expected, rightfully so, that he'd finish really well and make the shop proud. Turns out that I was wrong. If you finished the Lo-Cal you sucked less than Geoff. No single entrant into the Lo Cal 250 sucked as much as Geoff. Geoff sucked more at Rally than any other rally rider (including that dude on the Vespa). Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the absolute, no questions asked, zero exceptions, LAST PLACE FINISHER of the Lo-Cal 250:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Trade In of the Week

Bond, James Bond (cue the music),
Ever dreamed of being a secret double-O-seven agent? Want to get into boat and car chases on every continent? Use a silenced pistol to knock off an arch villain? HAVE WE GOT THE MOTORCYCLE FOR YOU! A mint condition 2001 BMW R1200C. It's a lot like your traditional cruiser without the suck! 1200cc boxer engine rumbles along on this beauty making great torque and noise. Telelever front suspension ensures that this is the only cruiser on the market that does not handle like you have an albino sea otter strapped to the fork tubes. Anti lock brakes inspire the confidence to ride mile after care free mile. Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANT, there is a 007 decal on the gas tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"So what to do with a cruiser?" you ask. To be honest I have no idea. Dirt riding, nope. Twisties, not so much. Drag racing, not on your life. Iron butt, not without adding a windshield.

OK I just asked Alan what you do with a cruiser. He recommends that you cruise.

Come on by and take a ride on what could be your next BMW motorcycle. Ask for Alan, he's owned a lot of cruisers and to be honest the rest of us don't know a lot about them.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Trade In of the Week

Hey Everyone and welcome to this weeks Trade In of the Week segment here on the San Diego BMW Motorcycles blog. Today's motorcycle is a nice 2006 Ural Gear Up 2Wheel Drive side hack! That's right 2 wheel drive means this is about the angriest sidecar rig you can buy. It a side car with an Earles Fork. You see Ural brand side cars come stock with the very BEST 1930's handling and performance technology! It's true what they say: "You really DO have more fun in a side car!" Who says that??? Stan and I...that's about it.

Just think of some of the fun things you can do with this baby:
-Set up a barricade at the end of your street and ask every driver that tries to gain access to the road for "Photo identification and zee registration faw zee vehicle."

-Ride through downtown La Mesa in full WWII era french resistance costume. Stop, get out and low crawl from light post to light post.

-Sit on the local highway on ramp with your best friend in the sidecar. Have best friend point a hair dryer (unless you have an actual radar gun) at cars as they drive past and watch the panic breaking.

Zee Ural comes all sweetened up with:
# 3,312 Original Miles
# Outstanding Condition
# Two Wheel Drive Model
# Superior Off Road Performance
# Includes: Books, Manuals, Covers
# Shovel and Aux Gas Tank Too!
# Too Much Fun on Three Wheels
# Own a Modern Retro Classic Sidecar Rig!

Happy Easter,
-Sean DeAngelis

Thursday, April 1, 2010

5 Best April Fools Jokes at the Shop Today

Hey Everyone,
Well today is April 1st and like every year the crew here at San Diego BMW Motorcycles was up to no good while on the clock. Here is a list of today's best pranks:

1 - My sister made me a huge pasta bowl for lunch back in February. I ate about 50% of it and left the leftover 50% rotting in the Tupperware container, behind the dumpsters ever since. Simply removed the lid, hid the rank concoction behind the service managers computer tower and ran for safety.

2 - Gave unnamed CHP officer a snickers if he'd walk up to Alan's desk and claim to have seen him run a stop sign on the way to work. Even wrote him a fake ticket. Priceless.

3 - Told Gary I was really sad to hear about the trash truck driver backing over his K1200LT. No further explanation necessary.

4 - Six little words: Ghost chilli in the coffee pot.

5 - Wrapped a zip tie around the trigger on the veggie sprayer on the sink upstairs. Aimed the sprayer where the would be user would be standing. Waited, listened and laughed.