Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hey Y'all!

For those of you that have not met our new office manager, I present to you Jennie Silver. Jennie has been an indispensable asset for about a year now and today, she purchased a 2006 Yamaha Warrior.

Congratulations Jennie on the new motorcycle purchase. All you are missing is the haircut:

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-Stan Lundeen

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Trade In of the Week

Hey Everyone and welcome to another Trade in of the week segment on the San Diego BMW Motorcycles blog. Before I start let me apologize for the delay in posts. We've been extra busy with our race efforts which can be tracked over at our sister blog:

Moving on...

This weeks highlite is a PERFECT condition 2006 BMW K1200R. The K1200R was quite the subject of excitement when it was released in 2006. We immediately took a bone stock model off the showroom floor and ran it down the drag strip at Qualcomm stadium thanks to the great people at That evening we beat every other motorcycle on the track including a very fast GSXR built by National City Motorcycles and a privately owned, heavily modified Suzuki Hayabusa. Later that year Ed Bell loaded up his personal K1200R and headed to the Bonneville Salt Flats for the BUB motorcycle speed trials. Ed set the speed record in the Stock Unfaired Motorcycle class on a nearly "off the assembly line" bike at just over 169MPH. The rest quite simply is history.

Last year BMW released the 1300cc version of this very motorcycle but it is not imported into the United States leaving the few remaining available K1200R models highly sought after. This particular bike comes nicely equipped with:
* Western Service Warranty until July 31, 2012
o Zero Deductible and Unlimited Mileage
* 24,585 Original Miles
* Fresh 24k Service with Annual
* And New Tires Too!
o Heated Grips
o On Board Computer
o BMW Expandable Sport Side Bags
o Luggage Grid

So if it's been too long since you threw a leg over a bike that will gladly stretch your arms out of the sockets come on down and take a demo ride!

-Thanks for reading
Sean DeAngelis

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We Needed A Pit Bike

San Diego BMW Motorcycles needed a pit bike. Walking around the pits is totally unacceptable. You don't seriously expect a dealer principal of the greatest BMW Motorcycle Dealership in the United States to WALK from the Sprinter Van to the starting grid? Certainly not. Gary Orr took a walk down the street to most desolate motorcycle showroom in town, Fun Bike Center, and picked up this little beauty for a song. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the Honda Ruckus:

Too sweet right? We looked at our options and Ruckus was the most cost effective solution really. We tried to convince Joe that he could simply piggy-back Gary around the WSMC pits but no dice. I had recommended that we could get a pit unicorn but none of the staff could figure out what you feed a unicorn. We tried that Harley Road King that got traded in but other racers were raising concerns about the amount of oil it kept leaving along the pit walls. So that leaves us the proud new owners of this really angry scooter looking thing from Japan.

Gary and Jason testing out the Ruckus' pillion capabilities:

Soon we'll have an entire following of scooter awesomeness:

Sadly we did NOT opt to use a Segway. Fun Bike Center is not a Segway dealer and we're always happy to help out where we can.

Thanks for reading
-Sean DeAngelis

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Trade In of the Week

Hey Everyone and welcome to this weeks highlighted trade in motorcycle. This week we have a beautiful 2005 BMW R1200ST. The R1200ST was only built in 2005 and despite somewhat weak sales initially they have become one of the most sought after sport touring bikes in BMW's lineup. Under the one of a kind bodywork is a chassis not all that dissimilar from the BMW R1200RT. The luggage is the same, the frame is nearly identical, the engine electronics are spot on and the options packages all ran parallel. Where the ST set's itself apart from the RT is ergonomics and handling. The ST has a slightly more aggressive sitting position and footpeg location. It's a lot like riding an angrier, more raw, potentially more street capable version of the R1200RT. Best of both worlds really: You can carve your favorite roads apart while at the same time carrying the full size BMW system luggage and a comfortable passenger. This particular bike has the optional tall windscreen, Anti Lock Brakes, fold-out highway pegs, cylinder protectors and Leo Vince slip on exhaust. 28,491 miles on the odometer means this bike is barely even broke in! Come on down and take it for 24 hours...priced at $10,942 we're pretty sure you'll fall in love with this R1200ST.

Thanks for reading
-Sean DeAngelis