Thursday, April 1, 2010

5 Best April Fools Jokes at the Shop Today

Hey Everyone,
Well today is April 1st and like every year the crew here at San Diego BMW Motorcycles was up to no good while on the clock. Here is a list of today's best pranks:

1 - My sister made me a huge pasta bowl for lunch back in February. I ate about 50% of it and left the leftover 50% rotting in the Tupperware container, behind the dumpsters ever since. Simply removed the lid, hid the rank concoction behind the service managers computer tower and ran for safety.

2 - Gave unnamed CHP officer a snickers if he'd walk up to Alan's desk and claim to have seen him run a stop sign on the way to work. Even wrote him a fake ticket. Priceless.

3 - Told Gary I was really sad to hear about the trash truck driver backing over his K1200LT. No further explanation necessary.

4 - Six little words: Ghost chilli in the coffee pot.

5 - Wrapped a zip tie around the trigger on the veggie sprayer on the sink upstairs. Aimed the sprayer where the would be user would be standing. Waited, listened and laughed.

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