Friday, November 20, 2009

You Meet The Nicest People in Tazmania

It's funny how the motorcycling world fits together. In December 2005 Kit and I were touring Tazmania, the island below Australia, with our friends Lin and Prue when we encountered this gal on her way back over to mainland Australia to sell the R100RT she was riding. Her name was Margaret Peart a.k.a. Beemerbird and she told us she was planning a trip to the states and I said look us up when you pass through. Sure enough Margaret has stayed with us 4 times how on her travels in the Americas.

Her website is Riding to Extremes and there are some upcoming updates on her travels the length of North and South America. Most recently she was a finisher in the storied Iron Butt, the big one, the real deal.

Kit and I so enjoy Margaret's company. Any woman who not only rides by herself, but from the extemes of the world, has an interesting outlook. She makes us not only want to explore the world more ourselves, but just as importantly guests on the road really make you appreciate the home cooked meals and normally mundane household routines, like going to Costco or tending the garden.

Margaret and her mighty Iron Butt R1200GS are on thier way back to Australia next week to prepare for her next extreme adventure, the top of Norway to the tip of South Africa. And coincidentally we might get hooked up next year in Europe as Kit and I plan on a late June early July European trip agian with our Australian friends Lin and Prue finishing up at the BMW Rally in Garmisch.

All packed and ready for transport home to Australia her GS has quite a load, in fact it has a mailbox so it may even have it's own ZIP code. As John Hermann says, 'till we meet again in the Alps.

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