Friday, November 6, 2009

Mike Lynch. A 100,000 Mile Man

Hey Everyone and welcome to another San Diego BMW Motorcycles blog update. Today's post comes in the form of a HUGE congratulations to our sales manager Mike Lynch for getting his 100,000 mile award from BMW Motorrad. Mike put 92,000 of those miles on old Zelda The Green Hornet (R1100RT), the remainder of them on his 2008 R1200RT. Here is Mike accepting his accolade from the bossman:
It would appear the while 100,000 miles might make you a rather savvy motorcycle rider it does NOT guarantee a savvy sense of dress. Hey Mike, the 1980's are on the phone and want that shirt back.

So when you stop by the shop this weekend (You are stopping by the shop this weekend...Aren't you?) be sure to congratulate big Mike in his technicolor dreamcoat for hitting the "ton" mark.

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