Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guess who's back!

Back again! Just when you thought you were gonna miss all of Sean DeAngelis' entertaining writings, I, Senior DeAngelis, also known as: Pappa D. , P Diddy, P Dizzle, PD, rapper D Domenico, have decided to step up to the plate! It's like having Sean Deangelis back, but only a older, slower, obsolete version, you know, like Windows 98.

Racing result from Qualcomm Supermoto racing 2-13-2011: With the help and support of principal Gary Orr, I was lucky enough to pull together a ride for this Sunday race on Gary's personal pet project, the awesome G450X custom one-off modified for racing, BMW motorcycle! Gary spent fall and winter dialing in this very special bike transforming it from a street legal full on dirt bike to a AWESOME Supermoto weapon. (We happen to have 1 more for sale and the parts formula for conversion) So I, Tony D., went racing. I had never raced Supermoto before, or really ever ridden one for that matter. I did enjoy motocrossing back in Ohio up until 2004 when a bad landing reduced my right shoulder into rubble. After that I hung up motocross racing and focused more on my drinking and cigar smoking.
So off I went! Gary's ride. New Helmet (thanks to the boys in parts dept.). Don't need no stinkin' 1 piece full leather, Rally Pro 2 works just fine.
Took first in street tires class, fifth in slick class, on street tires.
So I'm back! The bug has bitten! I secured a ride for the season and will be running mostly the Qualcomm stadium racing events, the next one is scheduled for Sunday March 13 2011 , the racing is mixed with Go Kart racers all day (boring), the Main Supermoto is usually in the 3-4 o'clock hour and that's when the serious action happens so always feel free to swing on by and show some BMW support!
Peace and Love, Tony D.

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