Monday, January 10, 2011


The F800R is here!

Just came today and it's already set up and ready to ride. Yes, ready to ride as in the one pictured is our 24 hour demo.

Screw the 600 sport bikes that are weak under 10,000 revs, this bike has power and torque! And all the unique BMW features like ABS, heated grips, on board computer and more.

Come help us break this one in...


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  1. My 24 hour Demo ride, by Tony DeAngelis
    As a employee at SDBMWMC I too was excited to ride the sleek new F800R, however it was going to be difficult to actually pull this one off as our own Allen Frischman was being overly possesive of the new steed, and of course there was the getting past Gary Orr's scrutiny, fair enough a certain other DeAngelis may have waded up a few machines in the past.
    Summing it all up, the bike is badass! Is my opinion biased since I work here you ask? Of course!
    If you can persuade Allen to let go of the keys I highly reccomend a Demo ride!
    Special THANK YOU to Gary for putting so much trust on the line!