Friday, June 18, 2010

Mark Pohlson's Customized S1000RR

Meet Mark Pohlson:

Mark is our service manager. He smiles a lot. Mark has an S1000RR that looked like this:

While riding a track day at Buttonwillow Raceway a road cone jumped into Mark's path of travel and demolished the lower fairing. Mark was not smiling:

Mark put the bike back together good as new and Mark was smiling again. Then 2 weeks ago Mark was riding a track day at Miller Motorsports Park and ran over a patch of:

This time the right side of the motorcycle suffered scratches to most of the fairings. Mark was not smiling:

So Mark pulled the bike apart and decided to make it a full time track bike. Race bodywork from Catalyst, frame sliders, Akrapovic full exhaust system, case savers, and custom paint job. Mark is smiling again:

Thanks for reading
-Sean DeAngelis

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  1. Not for nothing but, those aggressive road cones attacked me at Willow Springs (Big Track). I will try not to F-up this fine paint job at Buttonwillow Raceway this Monday June 21st. Of course, I'm running GP shift for the first time so who knows what will happen.