Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Welcome Aboard Scott Coakley!!!

Hey Everyone and welcome to another addition to the San Diego BMW Motorcycles blog. Today it is our distinct pleasure to introduce Scott Coakley, our newest parts, apparel and accessories guru! Easiest hire ever? You bet! It's as if he was constructed into a BMW super nerd out of part from lesser nerds. Scott comes fully loaded with every available option:

-Saphire schwartz metallic goatee
-HID contact lenses
-Anti lock Nike's
-Docker brand pleated slacks! No, really, he's not wearing jeans.

We can't really start in with the new guy jokes and hazing because Scott already has almost 10 years experience with BMW motorcycles. So instead we'll just continue making fun of Jason Turner (S1000RR slayer) until we get another actual new guy.

Thanks for reading
Sean DeAngelis

"Hey Jason! Go get me a burrito. Here's $1.50, make it enough."

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