Wednesday, September 1, 2010

10 In 10. Insanity In Distance. Sore Butt Indifference

Hey Everyone welcome to another jaw dropping addition to the San Diego BMW Motorcycles blog. Today's post is just a quick update on our fearless (and seemingly insane) leader Gary Orr. Gary is currently on day six of a "10 in 10." What is a 10 in 10 you ask? Let me sum it up:
1-Grab your favorite touring bike
2-Meet 20 or so other maniacs in Salt Lake City, UT
3-Obtain list of destinations all over the United States (not the continental US either, there are destinations in the Florida Key's and Alaska). Each destination is worth a number of points and some destinations only award points within certain time windows.
4-Score the most points in 10 days and ride no LESS than 10,000 miles in that time.
5-Remember to wave at Sanity as you blow past it standing on the side of the freeway because sanity is NOT on board your motorcycle.

You read all that correctly, a nation wide scavenger hunt covering at least 10,000 miles in 10 days and Gary is on day 6. You can track him via his SPOT system here:

Gary is the "OG" icon which stands for Original Gangsta in case you we wondering. The points totals are not released until after the rally so we're not sure where he sits in the standings but if I had to guess I'd say he sits comfortably in OUTSIDE HIS EVER LOVING MIND! 10,000 miles in 10 days?!?! Is this some mission to ensure you don't EVER want to sit on your motorcycle again? What kind of person would play this madness driven game of moto-twister? "Left hand red" Mr Orr!

Hell, I'll give you 10 things I'd rather do in the same 10 days:
1-Slam finger in door of a Ralph Nader edition Chevy Corvair
2-Re-grow my wisdom teeth only to have a Navy "surgeon" remove them again aided only by novocaine and a shop towel.
3-Three words: The English Patient
4-Slam remaining nine fingers in car door of Ralph Nader edition Chevy Corvair
5-Listen to Geoff King sing his lounge act version of Bruce Springsteen's "Nebraska" album in it's horrific entirety.
6-Charles Sutter hangover
7-Toes! Car door! Now!
8-go vegan
9-seek out that patch of stupid someone left on the highway 163 on-ramp and smear my elbow skin across the tarmac like Country Crock over wheat bread
and the number 10 thing I would rather do than a 10 In 10...
10-Dangle bacon strips from my ear lobes and hop in the ring with Mike Tyson

In closing, if anyone had one of those inflatable butt-donut things lying around I'm sure Gary's is gonna need it when he returns.

Thanks for reading
-Sean DeAngelis


  1. Gary is both completely nuts and a total stud. I've been checking out the route every day and can only hope he's taking some pics along the way!

  2. I'm not sure about doing all of "Nebraska", but my rendition of "Thunder Road" will knock your socks off.

    Go Gary! Shine on you crazy diamond!

  3. What i want to know is what bike did he choose for this 'Adventure"?? I have followed him everyday - crazy stuff.

  4. Math class
    10,000 miles in 10 days
    10,000miles /240 hours = Avg 41.6 MPH
    10,000miles /160 hours (gotta sleep) = Avg 62.5 MPH
    10,000miles/150 hours(gotta sleep, eat & get gas) = Avg 66.6 MPH
    10,000miles/140 hours(gotta sleep, eat, get gas and gather bonii ) = Avg 71.42 MPH
    10,000miles/130 hours (gotta sleep,eat,get gas and gather bonii, got lost) = Avg 76.9mph