Saturday, September 18, 2010

A New Land Speed Record Too

In keeping with the theme of the weekend:

We have just confirmed a new
world land speed record on the BMW S1000RR. I just
got off the phone with Andy Sills, who is still at Bonneville. It's official.
The new world record for a 1000cc production motorcycle
is 196.117 mph, and was set on our San Diego BMW Motorcycles S1000RR
... demo bike. This bike is completely stock! Stock exhaust, mirrors, turn
signals, license plate.... Stock! And he rode the bike there from San Diego!


  1. Can I get my picture taken on the bike?

  2. This was just confirmed to be false information by the Bonneville Officials. Sorry Guys!

  3. This claim is not true guys the bike went 186.117mph not 196.117mph

  4. The ZX-10R guys are literally crying like little babies now that their ZX-10R is 20 RWHP down on the BMW. They are all over the BMW Forums, trolling and doing their best to try and trash the BMW. So sad to see them having tantrums like 5 year old girls, just because their Bike is not top of the hep any more.

  5. You mean someone else besides BMW makes motorcycles?

  6. I personally pulled the motor from this bike on the salt in impound, had the bike deemed Production legal, the motor certified to be of OEM displacement (stock bore and stroke) and sealed by the USFRA impound inspectors (a long standing SCTA official) of which that seal is still on the bike. This was not a cakewalk record by any means, but it was absolutley as stated by SDBMW and Andy Sills is one standup guy in his attempt. He is not a ringer or pro rider... he is however small in stature, very skilled and large in dedication. He didn't even have the required leathers and such needed with him and borrowed my wifes gear.. that along with alot of duct tape and some very detailed riding manuevers got him from a very easy pass of 194mph to the record average speed of 196+mph.
    I did not recieve any compensation by BMW or Andy Sills nor do I sell or intend to sell any of these bikes. I own a small repair shop on the east coast and I would not put my lively hood and decades of experience on the line with these words if they were not in fact true. I and my crew have helped numerous teams safely obtain records on both pavent and salt for many years (from a 50cc production bike to fastest sit on bike in the world in 2009 and many others in between) and fully understand the questions from many regarding the authenticity of this claim... I do not however understand the animosity of some individuals trying to belittle or challenge this feat without going to those that were there and can provide proof of this record attempt and accomplishment to check the facts against their theories.
    IE, those directly involved & not hard to find:
    San Diego BMW
    SheEmoto Racing:
    Andy Sills
    Erin Hunter
    Seldom Seen Slim Racing:
    Jon Wennerberg
    Nancy Wennerberg
    Twin Jugs Racing:
    Todd Dross
    Debbie Dross
    Josh Owen
    WOS/USFRA(as well as SCTA) Impound Officials:
    Dan Warner
    Matt (I forget his last name)

    Those that refuse to obtain all the facts the best they can, are those that would rather teach then learn. Thankfully our country has been built on the latter and they are the ones that will continue forward.

    Todd Dross

  7. San Diego BMW did in fact set the 1000cc Production record. They had the record for about 2 weeks. It has now been reset by the Pflum & Wagner Honda CBR1000rr at 196.47mph. This new record was set at the SCTA World Finals at Bonneville last Saturday Oct. 9th.

    J. Wagner

  8. i was standing beside the Bmw 1000 rr as it lanched on those runs it made and i filmed them as well , they are posted on my FB page as well as many other racers and there various rides .
    i was there on vacation and a first time green horn to the salt,the BMW 1000 rr did a few fantastic runs in its quite exhaust & taped up stock form . i didn't know if it was a record but i heard #'s like 194 almost 195 ,,then in the next run like 198 so regardless ,,thats a fast ass stock bike, i mean those clocks are accurate taken out 3 places pass the decimal point . that acid green bike preformed like a champ and the Loaner from San Diego BMW in black marker on a piece of tape stuck to the right top of wind screen was cool and classic .