Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Updates From San Diego BMW Motorcycles

Hey Everyone! Sorry the blog has been a bit stale lately we've all been really busy. So I figure while I got a few free minutes I'll get you caught up on everything that has been going on here at San Diego BMW Motorcycles.

First some new from the supermoto front. Gary Orr hopped aboard our recently completed (though some dialing-in will be needed) G450X Supermoto bike:

Sunday and absolutely destroyed the field in the Street Legal class at Qualcomm stadium. He also managed to finish 8th overall despite low siding and losing 11 seconds.

Gary sucking less:

Our close friend Cesar Gannod took 2nd on his bike which I guess technically gives SDBMWMC the 1-2 results in the street legal class. Cesar swapped places with another friend, Luis for the better part of the race so he was exhausted after the checkered flag came out.

Next up we have a brief overview of Andy Sills' endeavors on our Demo S1000RR. Andy hopped on our S1000RR demonstrator 2 weekends ago and rode to the Bonneville salt flats. After setting up camp he proceeded to break the old 1000cc production bike speed record leaving the new mark at 196.117 miles per hour. This with stock everything! Turn signals, mirrors, license plate holder...BONE STOCK and Andy of course rode the bike there. Official results available here:

On Thursday September 23rd Eddie Frowiss, Greg Dietrick, Bill and Analein Taylor, Sondra Lagnado and a few of us SDBMWMC employee's did a full moon ride to Borrego Springs. We had sandwiches and cookies here at 7PM and headed for the desert at 7:30. The weather was perfect, the sky was clear, the entire ride was amazing. Highland Valley, Old Julian, Wynola, Banner Grade, S2, S1 (down Montezuma Grade), Jaqui Pass, back up Banner Grade and home via 78 and 67. All that under the light of a full moon and not a car on the road! Be sure to check our website and email blasts for next month's ride under the October harvest moon!


  1. "A few of us from SDBMW?" Aaron started the ball rolling and led it, Sean set it up, Tony ran sweep, Geoff... Geoff... Geoff... yeah.
    GREAT night!

  2. Weren't there some pics and vids of Pohlson lending a hand (or something) to a customer?

  3. What a fun night and nice to ride with the guys from the shop. The best part there was no one on the road. Thanks for setting it up and feeding us.