Friday, October 16, 2009

Epic Forklift FAIL!

Hey Everyone and welcome to a spontaneous addition to the SDBMWMC blog. This is Stan Lundeen failing in a big way. How NOT to operate a forklift. You see, a 7500lb forklift, with smooth urethane tires, doesn't exactly have a lot of off-road prowess. Matter or fact, it would appear that if so much as one wheel slips off the paved surface you get stuck, in Gary's flowers.

So now, as I type this, we've got 200 feet of tow straps and tie-downs wraped around every conceivable place on the forklift and at the other end, our pickup that has needed a new transmission for ....oh.....2 years. I think what Stan is going for here is 2 fails in one morning. High center forklift in Gary's beloved flowers - check. Grenade tranny in Gary's beloved shop truck - check. Or perhaps a "TRIFECTA of FAIL" if he's able to spring the forklift loose only to clean out the 3 demo bikes parked just off to the left in the last picture!

1 comment:

  1. Need Forklift Certification? I am a certified trainer, and I am sure we can work something out... ;)