Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thursday Trade In of the Week

Hello Everyone and welcome to another exciting edition of our "Trade In of the Week" segment here on the SDBMWMC blog. Today's feature comes a day early because, quite frankly, this bike will probably be sold before the sun rises tomorrow morning. What you're seeing here is a MINT condition 2006 Harley V-Rod VRSCSE2 Screamin' Eagle!

Lets pretend for a moment the you were tired of turning heads wherever you ride. You have the polar opposite of "Look at me" syndrome. You crave stealth, a low profile, less-is-more. You want to depict that strong, silent type of motorcycle rider. Well then THIS is the flaming chicken for you! From the subtle "surface of the sun" yellow to orange paint scheme to the ninja-quiet 472lbs of chrome....whatever, this bike was designed to walk softly and carry a big tow strap. But it does not stop there. Owning a Harley Davidson means you own the very LATEST in 1970's technology, handling, ergonomics and design. That's right, look out Bultaco...there's a new king of motorcycle innovation and design prowess...and it's called the VRSCSE2.1-Alpha;YT2X(charlie) dot-dot-dash sierra victor!

This bike comes fully loaded with:
-a seat
-4 turn signals
-decorative rear shocks (Harley Davidson and it's affiliates make no claim the these shocks will dampen or in any way improve ride quality or control of the motorcycle. Hit bumps at your own risk. Always wear a helmet and approved safety gear.)

You all (or Y'all as Jenni and Gary say) better hurry down here and get a look for yourselves because like I stated earlier, I can't imagine this bike is gonna last long. The first $16,977 takes this chic magnet on down the road! .38 Special 8-track cassette not included with this sale.

Thanks for reading,
-Sean DeAngelis


  1. nice write up man. I'd want one, if I could ride it. dang!

  2. Go look at a new V-Rod at a Harley dealer, they're junk and plastic, Harley is going through their matte finishe you buy the chrome phase. The Screamin' Chicken is all factory original 'cept for the cool windscreen, crash bars and lights, and Super-Trapp exhaust as the stock exhaust is hideous. It even has a genuine snakeskin seat!

    Mike Lynch