Thursday, October 22, 2009

Zelda II - Trade in of the week

Many of you are familiar with Zelda the Green Hornet, my previous 1999 R1100RT in Boston Green. I put 90,000 miles on her, most with Kit on the back, and in many way she's responsible for me getting the job here at San Diego BMW as riding experience is definitely a consideration here. Well Zelda sold to a mechanic at BMW of San Diego, the car place, because I had the gone through the check list of mechanical ills that afflict RT's, gearbox and clutch, ABS pump, service history and she was in pretty nice cosmetic shape for 90k even if I do say so myself. Here she is after her last big trip to Guadalajara.

Well Zelda II was traded in last week built 155 bikes after mine, same year, same bike but with only 22,007 miles and in outstanding condition, fresh major 24k/annual service, unmolested, that is bone stock. And it's not going for four times the price either with only 1/4 of the miles.

So come on over and snap her up and you too may be lucky enough to land the best job in the world after 6 or 7 years and 70,000 miles as I'm not gonna' be around forever, not that I'm not gonna' try and be around forever, it's just too much fun here.

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