Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hi-Viz Is In!

Whether you can handle the aesthetics of it or not "Hi-Viz" or "fluorescent" gear is the new black. BMW Motorrad introduced it's new Airshell hi-viz jacket earlier this year with phenomenal results. Safety, comfort and all season usefulness all contributed to overwhelming success of this US-market-only garment. The United States leads the world in left turn collisions involving motorcyclists. That is, MANY motorcycle-on-vehicle collisions involve a vehicle turning left in front of a motorcyclist or a motorcyclist making a left turn and being hit by another vehicle. An overwhelming majority of these accidents were attributed to motorists not seeing the motorcyclist. The reasoning behind the new hi-viz trend obviously...increased visibility. You'll recall headlight modulators, moto-lights, reflective sticker kits for your luggage, HID headlight conversions and Run-n-Light turn signal conversions ALL shared this same purpose and all were highly successful here in the United States...increased visibility of the motorcycle. Well now that same principal is being applied to the rider and wile I don't have hard numbers as to the effectiveness of the new flashy gear I think we can all agree on the "every little bit counts" philosophy when it comes to accident avoidance.

So weather it's BMW's Airshell four season jacket, Scorpions Commander 3/4 length dual sport style jacket, an EXO900 modular hi-viz helmet, ICON Mil-Spec backpack or vest be sure to come on by the shop and check out your options.

Thanks for reading.
-Sean DeAngelis

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