Friday, December 11, 2009


Sorry about the blurry picture. The "click" of the camera startled Alan from his dream-like state. Today's update is the Top Ten Things Sales Guys Do When It's Raining Outside:

#10 Walk in, say your "good mornings" and try to reach the end of the internet.
#9 Try for the 224th time to convince Sean that Martha Stewart could beat up Hillary Clinton.
#8 Build a post-it house on your desk and simulate rain using a Camel Bak(tm).
#8 Harass the parts department employees who actually have something to do when it's raining.
#7 Two words: Spider Solitaire.
#6 Find 'The one that got away' on Facebook and send a creepy message.
#5 Yes Alan I got my wisdom teeth pulled last month. No Alan, I don't have any more vicodin.
#4 Tell Sean about the Texas Holdem app you downloaded for your iphone and what a great poker face you have when people cannot actually see you.
#3 Pick up random part and ask Sean what it is and what bike it fits. Get offended when Sean tells you it's a "put it the hell down."
#2 Revisit the 1980's in the form of "Your Mama jokes"
And the number one thing Sales guys do when it's raining outside....
#1 Shop poll: Who's hotter, Derek Jeter or Tony Romo?

Thanks for reading.
-Sean DeAngelis

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