Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rob and Dan's Land Speed Bike, Part Two

Hey Everyone and welcome to another very exciting update to the San Diego BMW Motorcycles Blog. Today's post comes in the form of an update on the go-fast bike that Rob Danner and Dan Soltero are in the process of dialing in for a Bonneville speed run. Since we last checked in on our dynamic duo a few mods have been made primarily to the frame:

-The overall length of the bike has been increased 18 inches. Most of this achieved by cutting off the headtube and welding in intermediate tubes from the lower and upper main frame members. These new extensions also allow for a longer rake of the front forks. This increased rake should result in increased stability at speed....Ironic because Harley Davidson motorcycles tend to have big rake numbers but at speed are about as stable as Whitney Houston after a Las Vegas coke bender.

-The fuel tank has been removed and replaced with a flat fuel cell mounted between the parallel upper frame tubes. The cell had to be manufactured completely from hand which by my tally puts the man hours invested at 44 JUST for this piece. Also regarding the fuel cell Dan and Rob realized that the fueling problems experienced on the base run were NOT due to the filter getting clogged by Rob's ebay tank but rather, the petcocks were far too small for the amount of fuel required to keep the mildly built 1000cc opposed twin running at peak RPM. That said, the taps have been replaced with 6mm bore units. 6mm taps are similar to paying 2 gremlins to stand on each cylinder while pouring half gallon jugs of fuel directly into the carbs. When it comes to the land speed bike San Diego BMW Motorcycles is NOT going green this year.

-The OEM /7 seat (a term I'm using VERY loosely here) has been replaced with a slighty less comfortable 4" X 5" piece of rolled aluminum. Not to worry, they've de-burred the edges that way the "pucker factor" doesn't result in any ill placed lacerations. TMI anyone?

-Lastly, though I'm sure I'm probably missing a few mods, Rob and Dan have completely removed the SOSPACS (Sense Of Self Preservation And Common Sense) system from the motorcycle. This modification in and of itself should be worth 6-7mph through the traps.

As always thanks for reading
-Sean DeAngelis

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