Tuesday, January 19, 2010

S1000RR! The Adler...er...Eagle Has Landed!

Hey Everyone and welcome to the most exciting blog post of the new year. Today we are proud to announce the arrival of San Diego BMW Motorcycles' DEMO S1000RR! It's the Red White and Blue paint scheme also known as "The Awesome One." The S1000 actually arrived here yesterday but we had to uncrate, assemble, clear floor space, push Gary up and down the street on it (we don't receive the key for another couple days), polish and prep it. I'll skip my typical new bike arrival story about why I'm not allowed to ride it (see Novembers update: "Top 10 bikes Gary owns that Sean has trashed") and go straight into why YOU can ride it. This is a no joke BMW DEMO bike. Come on in, we've got a list started, sign up on that list and as soon as the fabled key arrives YOU, yes YOU get to take this evil machine for a demo ride.

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