Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What We Got For Christmas

Mike Lynch got this new toy for Christmas. I have no idea what it is supposed to be but it make the most horrific sounds. He's been giving demonstrations of it's audio annoyance to anyone with a mildly open ear. Through gnashed teeth they typically congratulate him on the re-gift.

Alan got a new iPhone. He can now use his windows based Spider Solitaire skills on Mac's OS.

Brian Jones got a vacation. One day 2 the Jones' family station wagon suffered a fuel pump failure stranding them in a Holiday Inn. I guess technically, Jones got back on the road for Christmas.

Gary Orr got new running shoes. He then pulled tendon in his leg. Gary got frustrated for Christmas.

Mike O'Keefe got golf stuff for Christmas. I know nothing about golf and despite Mike taking 20 minutes to explain what all that golf schwag was I didn't retain one word. Does anyone actually golf anymore? Then made a joke....something about Tiger Woods' best 18 holes.

Geoff got the usual summer sausage from his sister. Geoff hates summer sausage. Works out well for me as I received it as a re-gift.

Joey scored an original copy of The Goonies on VHS. I don't even know where to start with this one. If I myself didn't still have and USE a functional VCR I'd go right into the 80's jokes.

Phil has been seen sporting a new lunch box around the shop. Keeps the lettuce sandwiches and fish oil pills colder than ever before.

Jim insists he received new eye glasses for Christmas but he's still sporting the old birth control ones he's been wearing for years. I'm sceptical but Buddy Holly would be proud.

Stan's kids got new bikes for Christmas. That said, Stan got to run two miles behind his four year old son for Christmas.

Mark still has yet to get a haircut since retiring from Naval Service. Mark is a hippy for Christmas.

Jennie got moon boots. I thought they were for snowboarding. Turns out I was wrong, they're "in" currently. I've been wearing jeans and t-shirts for the better part of 30 years. I couldn't tell you what was "in" if what was "in" punched me in the sternum.

The technicians got left out of the blog for Christmas because they wouldn't tell me what they actually got between Tiger Woods jokes.

What did Sean get? Well let me tell you. I got the best gift of all. "From: Me To: Me" A shiny new guitar slide and timer for my stove. Now I can suck on the guitar country-western style AND retire that K series fire extinguisher I been getting so much use out of.

Thanks for reading,
-Sean DeAngelis

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