Monday, February 22, 2010

Doesn't Anybody Realize It's Winter?...

Busy, busy weekend, five different events had BMWOCSD and SDBMW folks scattered all over. Doesn't anybody realize that it's winter? Give 'em a rain suit and heated grips and nobody seems to care.

Speaking of heated grips, Gary Orr and his heated grip R1200S tore up The Streets of Willow this weekend with 3 first places in the heat races and a second in open superbike. Not bad for a novice........

Meanwhile yours truly, Mike Lynch, led the New Members Ride over all the name brand roads close and low, Highland Valley, Wildcat Canyon, La Cresta, Harbison Canyon, Dehesa, Japatul, Lyons Valley, Honey Springs and Otay Lakes. T'was good to stay close and low as the roads were wet most of the way. And we actually had one genuine new member.

Desert Dash folks included Gary Kepple, Sean DeAngelis, Rich Amitron, Ron Spicer (for awhile anyway) and more, some beautiful scenery.

Another large group was at Death Valley, Rich Kapushinski, Andrea, Dick Sackett, Gene Calbow and more!

And finally our own SDBMW Santee City Councilman, Brian Jones, was at the Lakeside Off Road Exposition.

Congratulations to all for showing the BMW spirit and all weather capability. Wait'll the sun comes out!

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