Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday's Featured Product, 905's Race Armor

Stunt, Track or Tip-Over, 905 Racing has developed an incredibly useful bolt-on accessory for the S1000RR in your life. Made from durable 4130 Chromemoly tubing and rigid mounted to the main frame member of the bike, these function over form bars protect your motorcycle from "rubber side down" fails. San Diego BMW Motorcycles in conjunction with the sport bike enthusiasts at 905 Racing have developed this slim cage kit with the bikes best interests in mind. Retails for an affordable $189.00. Mounted on the outer most bend of the bars are two replaceable nylon sliders.

"Slim cages" like these were first made popular in the late 90's when stunting was starting to gain momentum among sportbike riders. Just like the cylinder protectors on your boxer or the frame slider kit on your K-bike these bars are intended to keep those acid green fairings in pristine condition should you find yourself sliding along the tarmac alongside your motorcycle. Had to hop off the high side after landing that 100 foot stoppie-180? No problem! Neighbor failed to look in the rear view before backing into your S1000RR? No problem! Tucked the front exiting turn 9 at Big Willow and sent your S1000RR into the dirt tumbling and cartwheeling gracefully toward the concrete pit wall at over 100mph? You're gonna need a LOT more than some Race Armor.

Nonetheless 905 Racing's Race Armor kit for the S1000RR is cheap insurance should you tip over sensor find itself activated at some point.

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Sean DeAngelis

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  1. Now... it's protected enough for me to test ride!