Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More S1000RR Deliveries! Christmas in February

Today the Motorrad Santa dropped off 7 more S1000RR's! These are all pre-sold as well as the next 11 that arrive. BUT, just as soon as those deliveries are handled you yes YOU can have the very next one that arrives.

Even as the driver was setting the parking brake our highly skilled technicians were sprinting out the doors, crowbars in hand, ready to pry the lids off these sweet machines. Like Oprah Winfrey devouring a plate of Swiss Cake Rolls the crates were reduced to sniveling piles of wood scraps and plastic. The pain barometer in my shoulder is predicting rain so we wanted these 1000cc beauties under safe cover of our sales floor as soon as possible.

-Thanks for reading,
Sean DeAngelis

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