Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We FINALLY Got Em!! The BMW G450X!!

Hello Everyone and welcome to the best blog post of 2010. Today we have officially received the 2010 BMW G450X! We received 3 and to my chagrin one of them is a DEMO BIKE! Just in time for the Desert dash this weekend and I got the go-ahead to bring it with me. Of course, I'll be riding most of my favorite dual sport ride on my trusty G650X/Ch (now the 2nd best dual sport bike man has ever created). I'm psyched that BMW finally put the factory blue, white and red graphics on the bike for 2010. All new ignition and fuel mapping, updated fork cartridges and a slew of other minor mods made the extra year wait for us California residents WELL worth it. OEM tires are Metzeler Competitions which I'm not familiar with but the knob spacing looks ideal for sand (no shortage of that in Anza). I'll have a full ride report on Monday after the dirt session but my initial impression is this bike will easily wheelie from the corner to FBC's driveway after 6pm on a Tuesday.

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Sean DeAngelis

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