Monday, September 7, 2009

But They Won't Let Me Ride It...

Be it a total lack of butt kissing prowess, the fact that we only have ONE orange one or the brass here at San Diego BMW Motorcycles still have visions of the Sean-asteroid I made a year ago in turn four at Willow Springs....I'm not allowed to ride the new K1300S. I mean I get it, the last time I was loaned a rig off the showroom floor I returned it sans a functional final drive and drive shaft. Then there was that time I aired out Mike's HP2 and the cylinder protectors and skid plate exploded like a ground hog ate an M80.

Point is, you're not going to hear me talking about the K1300S's incredible new clutchless shifting option and how flawlessly it performs. I'm not able to tell you that the power curve is so linear that 4000-6000 rpm's pull EXACTLY the same as 7000-9000rpm's. There is NO WAY I'd know that this bike is more at home blazing up Sunrise Highway at 0700 Sunday morning than any other motorcycle I've never ridden! No ladies and gentlemen the only way I'll ever get to ride the new K1300S is if I were to sneak one out of here very early one Sunday morning and ride in total stealth mode carefully avoiding the BMWOCSD members and anyone else familiar with my place of employment.

BMW Financial is offering 3.9% financing on these evil, evil machines right now. So perhaps, one of you will pick one up and tell me how incredible they are from a first person perspective. Cause after all, I'm not allowed to ride one.

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