Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hey Everyone and welcome to another update to the San Diego BMW Motorcycles blog. This "Trade in of the Week" segment is going to be a recurring spot here on the blog. This week's subject is a phenomenally clean Ducati 996S Limited Edition #256. So you're wondering: "Is that a bloodied sea otter strapped to the head tube?" Well the answer is 'no' that really is the front clip and 'yes,' those headlights are DOT approved. In earliest portion of the new century, Honda had finally retired it's 900RR for the updated 929 and at the same time stepped back to their earlier goals of dominant "V" configurations in the newly released RC51. Suzuki and Kawasaki were still not totally comfortable with abandoning the horsepower war for lighter configurations in their GSXR and ZX lines respectively; And Yamaha insisted on gutting out carburetion on their class leading R1 model. Along came a single sided swing-arm, undertail exhaust, carbon fiber clad machine from within the darkest recesses of the Italian Alps in the 996S. The "S" was the top of the line option package for the 996 line and included such amenities as Marchesini cast magnesium wheels, race bred cockpit and oh yeah, it was red...very red.

Throw a leg over this bike and you're greeted with an all too familiar Italian reach for the clip-ons. Your last pair of Nike's probably came in a more ergonomically correct box than what was loosely termed the "gas tank" on this machine and the hood ornament on you fathers Buick had better wind protection the any pilot of a 996. Not the greatest sales pitch you've heard as of recent? Turn the key and hit the 'Go' button. Immediately the sound of 124 very, very pissed off horses greet the inner recesses of your cochlea's and 94 Pirelli shredding foot pounds of torque are available at the riders beck-and -call.

So your wondering: "How does it actually ride?" Truth is I'll probably never know. In a straight line this bike is an absolute rocket ship. Heeled over, the Ohlins bouncers combined with a set of Metzeller Rennsport race 2 compound tires make this bike entirely too confidence inspiring for a novice like yours truly. No, to realize the true potential of something like the 996S will require a far more seasoned pilot. I can say that compared to any other early 2K sportbike I've ridden this thing absolutely stomps. And while most other bikes of the same era look a bit like 1985 Trans Am's to even the most aesthetically challenged, the 996 still turns heads everywhere it goes. Sure, for $9999.00 you can buy a pretty nice mini van but practicality won't ever be this much fun.

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