Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome to the New San Diego BMW Motorcycles Blog

Well Hello All,
Thanks for visiting this, our very first post, on the newly established San Diego BMW Motorcycles Blog! You read that correctly, after taking the magic leap into the 1980's earlier this year by moving to a building that has actual air conditioning, we made yet another ground breaking move toward staying California's BEST BMW motorcycle dealer. But we're not stopping there. By visiting this blog you can stay informed of all the goings on here at the shop as well as keep tabs the latest offerings of BMW Motorrad.

Last weekend was the annual BMWOCSD Big Bear Rally. We had a ride report submitted by those that participated in the black diamond dirt ride on Saturday:
Thanks to all 14 riders that participated in this years Big Bear Rally, Black Diamond dirt ride. A great time was had by most. Three riders on DRZ400's also get honorable mention for asking “Does the trail get easier up ahead?” the most times. Turns out the answer was “no” and they were seen heading home on the graded road after mile 3 (1 hour).

A huge kudos to the two gentlemen that joined us for the first 14 miles (3.5 hours) on their....wait for it.....R100GS's. After successfully navigating the 3rd of 8 rocky climbs an injury forced them back to the graded road.
Edward “Mans Game” Bell gets the prize for most times seen picking himself up off the mountain. Be it high speed low side, bike stall and auger in, kicker bump and over the bars or simply knocking over a sizable tree with his foot, that guy can crash with the best of them. Unfortunately nagging injuries forced Edward out of the ride at mile 36 (6 hours).

Noah and Gary Kepple rode point for the entire ride and set a perfect pace throughout. Gary Kepple did however manage to crash his bike on both sides in a span of about 9 seconds. Epic balance fail. After a couple pointers from his 13 year old son he got his head right and moving again. Noah on the other hand, does not fall...ever...scientists have yet to figure out why.

Chris Moehnke and Mike Moore made the trip up for the ride and as always, they were the prevailing cooler heads. The “Zen Masters” Moehnke and Moore were not seen on the ground all day save for one rest stop when Mike fell over while frantically grabbing for his last water bottle. Consequently the water was spilled and the incident facilitated muscle cramps later in the ride. Epic hydration fail.

Tudor Thomas gets “Most Improved Rider” award for sucking less in general. Young Tudor who, just 18 short months ago, was rescued by two pre-teens combing the desert in a Polaris Razr after Tudor had gone missing from Kepple's annual Day in the Desert. Tudor's day was not without incident however as he was seen picking his GPS up off the mountain not once but twice!

A newcomer to the group we have only identified as “Steve” complete this, his FIRST organized dual sport ride! Helmets off to Steve and we look forward to seeing him on future rides. Sean DeAngelis got to watch Steve drop the hammer while navigating White Mountain. There was a 90 degree kink in the climb and Steve went full motocross using a boulder as a berm and railing his way to the top. Only to stop, toss his bike on the ground and help the struggling Edward crawl out from under his G650. Epic stop-and-make-fun-of-your-buddy fail.

Gary Orr, principal here at San Diego BMW Motorcycles, was in attendance on his newly acquired HP2 Enduro. Over the course of the first 36 miles he showed everyone that 1200cc's is NOT too much BMW for a proper dual sport ride. Gary graciously escorted Edward back to camp allowing the remaining of us to complete all 87 miles of the ride. Out of water, he did NOT look bummed to be departing early.

Sean DeAngelis was charged with assembling and leading this ride but was demoted to dust choking sweep rider after loading the tracks into his GPS backwards and adding 15 road miles to the beginning of the ride. The added mileage caused Steve to run out of gas. It should be noted here that Sean is 0 for 3 on correctly leading a ride by GPS. Epic navigation fail. Sean made it through the day with only one fall but did manage to put a small ding in the fender of a stranded jeep while thread the needle on a rock step with his G650.

Thanks again to everyone involved and we look forward to seeing more of you on the upcoming LA-to-Barstow–to-Vegas ( and the Anza Borrego Desert Dash.

Well we'll get some more content on here sooner than later. Be sure to stop by this weekend to see the new BMW S1000RR superbike on our showroom floor. Also, we'll be taking the S1000 up the hill to Mothers Restaurant atop Palomar Mountain, Sunday September 6th from 10:30am to 3:00pm. Feel free to ride up and hang out.

Thanks for reading. Visit again soon.
-Sean DeAngelis

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  1. Woo Hoo Sean! Great reporting. Looks like I missed a fun weekend. Can't wait to check out the new S1000RR did you say you needed me to drive it up to Mothers for you because you know I would love to help you out with that!
    Linda S