Friday, September 18, 2009

Yes That is a Race Bike

Hey everyone and welcome to another exciting update to the coolest blog in the motorcycle industry! Tall claim? Read on.

What you see in this picture is the most terrifying "S" bike on the planet. It comes equipped with an equally terrifying name: Hammer of Thor II. Full titanium exhaust system? Yup. Race spec Ohlins suspension? Yup. One off race bodywork and belly pan? Yup. Miles of safety wire? Oh yeah. ABS? Nope.

Earlier this week I mentioned that Gary Orr, having recently turned 40, might be experiencing symptoms common with midlife crisis. But all the doubters hushed my e-psychoanalysis and ridiculed me for five long days. Well who among you doubts me now? I mean, LOOK AT THIS THING! If I had to guess what the love child of Mike Tyson and a Sherman tank would look like this would be my first guess.

But I'm not worried. Gary is no stranger to club racing. Back in the 1990's he could be seen piloting a Honda Hawk around road courses in the midwest on his was to a class championship. And we've all come to realize he's usually the fast guy at the track days we attend. No I'm guessing the worst is in store for the competition. I can almost picture it now: Some kid on a 749 gets blown off by a 40 something on bike that had 2 giant biceps sticking out the sides.

So Joe and Gary are loading up the van now headed for Willow Springs. Mike O'keefe is on vacation is Australia. Safe to say "When the cats are away...." we're having a pizza party tomorrow. Best of luck to our fearless leader in his race Sunday!

Thanks for reading,
-Sean DeAngelis

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